Since 2014, we have led the effort to create a community where all voices matter and every member has an equal say on how online leagues should be run.

Our Mission


MSFL delivers a strategic football atmosphere in which owners can build teams via free agency, yearlong development, and the MSFL draft. Strict but fair trade rules to ensure teams maintain their distinctiveness while staying in line within the football culture MSFL is constructing. There are loads of other leagues that allow impractical trading with non-realism in their gameplay, but if you are looking for something more strategic then you have found the right place. Win, lose or draw our owners can enjoy themselves in a field of all competitive levels. A place where rules actually matter with in game penalty based on our rules, makes us one of a kind. Now let's have fun play some and football the way it was meant to be.

These leagues were very active for Madden 16 and we have recognized them as the Elite Leagues for the Madden 17 Season.
— papi83dm, Daddyleagues

What We've Achieved

  • Daddy Leagues Madden 17 "PS4 League of the Year" Runners up
  • Daddy Leagues Madden 16 "Elite League"
  • League Crawler Top 5 "Highest Rated PS4 Leagues"
  • Crowned 18 Super Bowl Champions
  • Consistency August to August



Welcome to MSFL! By taking control of a franchise in this league, that is your signature stating that you have read all of our rules, agreed to follow them and accept any punishment for breaking them. Please do not join MSFL until you have read and understood all of the rules. If a glitch or exploit is found, please report that to the league through GroupMe with a DM directly to admin. We understand there will always be pros and cons but with these set of rules in place no GM will be able to potentially ruin a franchise. This is to avoid harming franchise appeal in case of any GM turnover. What matters most is that all 32 GM’s are able to have fun and enjoy themselves no matter the skill level. We will allow you to change teams TWICE per Madden cycle. Either if an owner quits, is removed, or an offseason trade. Now lets dive in, knowing you can play in a place where rules matter!

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