8/23 Initial release of Madden 18 edition of MSFL rules & regulations


8/23 Revised wording and formatting


  • Must maintain 53 man roster throughout the regular season at all times.
  • All trades require a screenshot of in game feedback and post to Twitter @MSFLHQ for approval
  • Restricted from Upgrading - (Acc, Agi, Spd, Str, Thp)
  • QB runs limited to 10x per game
  • Added Social Media requirement 1x per week
  • Defensive goal line exempt from back to back concept rule
  • NEVER run an offensive play of the same name more than 3 times per game (regardless of formation)
    • Reason:  Prevent spamming of money plays.  Increase playbook usage.


8/23 Updated based on M18 engine changes.  


  • If QB leaves pocket towards line of scrimmage QB must finish the run or throw ball away. DO NOT rollout to stand at line. Same applies to dropping back if you want to avoid the sack throw the ball away or upgrade Oline.
    • Reason:  Engine fixed this issue in M18
  • No more than five Verticals & five FB dives can be called per game. This applies to concepts itself. Keep Count!
    • Reason:  Now covered by the new “3 play” rule
  • Never use QB Sneak
    • Reason:  Now covered by the new “3 play” rule


  • Previous Play Information - On
  • Revised Kneeling w/ 4th Quarter - Two Minute Warning

3/29 Updated Ratio


  • Teams are required to have eight runs per game.