MSFL Rules & Regulations


Skill Level – All- Madden

Game Style – Simulation

Pre Existing Injury – On

Practice Squad Stealing – On

Quarter Length – 7 Minutes

Accelerated Clock – Off

Previous Play Information – On

XP Sliders – Custom

Gameplay Sliders – Default (Adjusted post Season 1)

Streaming – Away Team on League Issued YouTube Account


  • We strive to have an active league, with all games user v. user. We have a long waiting list of folks eager to be in MSFL, so if you’ve lost interest, please don’t sit on a spot and prevent someone else from enjoying MSFL.
  • Social: Minimum 1x tweet per week.
  • Games: Cannot place your team on auto without notifying admin, going on auto to end the season due to record will not be tolerated.
  • Consequences: Failure to meet participation guidelines or on a consistent basis, will trigger a commissioner review of your league status.



  • Use GroupMe (main chat, DM) or texting for scheduling.
  • Must make contact with opponents and offer availability within 36 hours, as well as schedule a game time within 48 hours of advance.
  • If opponent fails to respond within 36-48 hours notify admin.
  • If scheduled past 48 hours deadline notify admin (DM, Tweet).
  • If an opponent is more than 15 minutes late for a game time without prior notification, you will receive force win (FW)
  • If a user misses 3 games they will be placed on auto and reviewed by admins for possible dismissal from league
  • If opponent is on Auto, or a CPU controlled team, you will get FW.  You must not play CPU opponents.


  • If game disconnects both players take a screenshot as evidence of message.
  • You have three choices:
  1. Restart completely
  2. Simulate to same point (score and timing) *
  3. User concedes (FW for opponent)

* If a DC occurs & teams agree to replay (not fresh restart), GMs have option to finish by playing two Quarters or less if was already in 2nd half. 

* If a DC occurs & teams agree to replay (not fresh restart), if an injury occurred, not allowing a player to return in the original game, then injured player will remain out during the replay.


  • Custom playbooks are forbidden. Make sure to show each other advanced settings as proof of using a stock book.
  • NEVER play a CPU Controlled Team or if opponent is on Auto, these are forced wins.
  • All games MUST be streamed via YouTube.  Failing to stream, or deleting streams will result in admin review and possible suspension.

Play calling:


  • NEVER run the same concept back to back!  This applies to offense and defense.  i.e. Zone Blitz 3 may not be followed by another play with identical concept Zone Blitz 3.
  • Use a broad mix of formations and plays.  75% of any formation is plenty.
  • Never use any goal line formation unless you’re within 10 yd line. 
  • Never use any special team formation unless you’re in a kicking situation. 


  • NEVER run an offensive play of the SAME NAME more than 3 times per game (regardless of formation)
  • If you motion any player you must let them set before snapping
  • Never use “Chew Clock” feature unless 35+ blowout rule applies or opponent gives permission to activate


  • Maintain at least 3 pass rushers at all time
  • LBs moved manually must remain 3 yds back from LOS & S 3 yds back from LBer
  • Max of ONE Player manually moved presnap on defense
  • Defensive goal line formation is exempt from the back to back concept rule!


  • Never pull Linemen/ Gunners Pre-Snap on punt returns or returners on kickoff
  • Never Line drive a punt or pop fly punt to a blocker
  • You are allowed one fake FG and one fake punt per season

4th downs:

  • Any time 4th and 1 or less past the 50 yard line (arrow pointing up)
  • 2nd Half Down by 3 possessions (17 Points or more)
  • 4Q Down 2 possessions (9 points or more)
  • 4Q Under 3 minutes down by any amount

No huddle:

  • Only two hurry up plays per possession
  • Unlimited within 2 minute warning
  • Unlimited down 3 possessions (17 points or more)

Onside kicks:

  • Down by 3 possessions (17 points or more)
  • 4th Quarter Down by any amount

4th Quarter -Following Two Minute Warning:

Required to KNEEL, if following two apply at same time:*

  • Winning game by more than one possession (9 points or more)
  • Have a 1st down

*If a team calls a timeout while you are kneeling, this no longer applies.

Blowout rules:

If up 35+, the following blowout rules apply:

  • Bench starters on offense (QB, HB, 2WR, TE)
  • Activate “Chew Clock”
  • Must run every down except 3rd (you can pass to gain a 1st)
  • Must dive as soon as 1st down or run out of bounds to avoid TD.
  • In redzone kneel and kick FG.

Single Game Stat Limitation rules:

  • Teams are required to have minimum eight runs per game. 
    • Exception IF a team has less than 32 total offensive plays, then runs have to equate for at least 25% of the offense (i.e. 28-31 = 7 runs, 24-27 = 6 runs, 20-23 = 5 runs, etc.)
  • QB runs limited to 10x per game
  • Single Game Stat limitations
    • Pass Yards: 575 Max
    • Rush Yards: 300 Max
    • Receiving Yards: 350 Max
  • Receptions Ratio:  Any Receiver cannot have more than 50% of QB completions in a single game. (Ex: 30 Comp, 15 Rec max. 20 Comp, 10 Rec man, etc) *Begins at 5 Receptions



The goal for MSFL is that we are a self-correcting league.  We strive to keep the rules simple and allow for clear in-game adjustments to offset violations.

If an in game violation occurs: DO NOT UNPAUSE (Follow Chain of Command)

  • Notify your opponent of the violation via GroupMe
  • If there is a disagreement on violation, review the YouTube footage
  • If there is further disagreement, tag an admin in GroupMe chat
  • Apply an in-game correction as listed below:

In-game corrections

These are meant to allow self-correction, and offset any violation and avoid post game punishment.

  • On Offense  
  1. (Results in first down) = Automatic Punt
  2.  (Doesn't Result in first down) = Automatic Loss of down, Kneel 1 Play
  • On Defense:  Automatic First
  • On Turnover:  Automatic Punt
  • On TD:  Must allow opponent a free TD.  There is no correction for field position after opponent kickoff.

Post-game consequences:

For violations that were not or cannot be handled in-game, admins will apply the following consequences:

  • Strike 1 (4 user game player(s) suspension) 
  • Strike 2 (6 user game player(s) and or GM suspension)
  • Strike 3 (8 user game player(s) and or GM suspension)
  • Strike 4 (10 user game player(s) and or GM suspension + Loss of Picks + Loss of Trades)
  • Strike 5 (Permanent Ban / League removal)
  • No trades allowed for suspended positions.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse league continuance to anyone