MSFL Rules & Regulations


Skill Level – All- Madden

Game Style – Simulation

Pre Existing Injury – On

Practice Squad Stealing – On

Quarter Length – 7 Minutes

Accelerated Clock – Off

Previous Play Information – On

XP Sliders – Custom

Gameplay Sliders – Default (Adjusted post Season 1)

Streaming – Away Team on YouTube Account


  • We strive to have an active league, with all games user v. user. We have a long waiting list of folks eager to be in MSFL, so if you’ve lost interest, please don’t sit on a spot and prevent someone else from enjoying MSFL.

  • Social: Minimum 1x tweet per week.

  • Games: Cannot place your team on auto without notifying admin, going on auto to end the season due to record will not be tolerated.

  • Consequences: Failure to meet participation guidelines or on a consistent basis, will trigger a commissioner review of your league status.



  • Advance is at 9 Pm est every other day. Can’t schedule past 8 pm est on advance day.

  • Use GroupMe (main chat, DM) for scheduling.

  • Must make contact with opponents and offer availability within 36 hours, as well as schedule a game time within 48 hours of advance. If opponent fails to respond within 36 hours notify admin.

  • If an opponent is more than 15 minutes late for a game time without prior notification, you will receive force win (FW)

  • If opponent is on Auto, or a CPU controlled team, you will get FW. You must not play CPU opponents.


  • If game disconnects both players take a screenshot as evidence of message.

  • You have three choices:

  1. Restart completely

  2. Simulate to same point (score and timing) *

  3. User concedes (FW for opponent)

* If a DC occurs & teams agree to replay (not fresh restart), GMs have option to finish by playing two Quarters or less if was already in 2nd half. 

* If a DC occurs & teams agree to replay (not fresh restart), if an injury occurred, not allowing a player to return in the original game, then injured player will remain out during the replay.


  • Custom playbooks are forbidden. Make sure to show each other advanced settings as proof of using a stock book.

  • NEVER play a CPU Controlled Team or if opponent is on Auto, these are forced wins.

  • All games MUST be streamed via YouTube. Failing to stream, or deleting streams will result in admin review and possible suspension.

Play calling:


  • NEVER run the same concept back to back! This applies to offense and defense. i.e. Zone Blitz 3 may not be followed by another play with identical concept Zone Blitz 3.

  • Use a broad mix of formations and plays. 75% of any formation is plenty.

  • Never use any goal line formation unless you’re within 10 yd line.

  • Never use any special team formation unless you’re in a kicking situation.


  • NEVER run an offensive play of the SAME NAME more than 3 times per game (regardless of formation)

  • If you motion any player you must let them set before snapping

  • Never use “Chew Clock” feature unless 35+ blowout rule applies or opponent gives permission to activate

  • QB Mobility – The moment the QB breaks the pocket (i.e running left, right, or backward for 10+ Step drop) QB is not allowed to stop moving. QB must decide to throw the ball away, complete the run, or finish the throw on the run (triggering red banner). No more leaving the pocket to stand still, if you stop it’s a violation.

    • Designed rollouts are allowed but the moment QB is moved outside of default rollout rule will apply.


  • Maintain at least 3 pass rushers at all time

  • Players moved manually must remain 3 yds back from the line of scrimmage

  • Max of ONE Player manually moved presnap on defense

  • Defensive goal line formation is exempt from the back to back concept rule!


  • Never pull Linemen/ Gunners Pre-Snap on punt returns

  • Never Line drive a punt or pop fly punt to a blocker

  • You are allowed one fake FG and one fake punt per season


  • Any time 4th and 1 or less past the 50 yard line (arrow pointing up)

  • 2nd Half Down by 3 possessions (17 Points or more)

  • 4Q Down 2 possessions (9 points or more)

  • 4Q Under 3 minutes down by any amount


  • Only two hurry up plays per possession

  • Unlimited within 2 minute warning

  • Unlimited down 3 possessions (17 points or more)

4th Quarter -Following Two Minute Warning:

Required to KNEEL, if following two apply at same time:*

  • Winning game by more than one possession (9 points or more)

  • Have a 1st down

*If a team calls a timeout while you are kneeling, this no longer applies.

Blowout rules:

If up 35+, the following blowout rules apply:

  • Bench starters on offense (QB, HB, 2WR, TE)

  • Activate “Chew Clock”

  • Must run every down except 3rd (you can pass to gain a 1st)

  • Must dive as soon as 1st down or run out of bounds to avoid TD.

  • In redzone kneel and kick FG.

Single Game Stat Limitation rules:

  • Teams are required to have minimum eight runs per game.

    • Exception IF a team has less than 32 total offensive plays, then runs have to equate for at least 25% of the offense (i.e. 28-31 = 7 runs, 24-27 = 6 runs, 20-23 = 5 runs, etc.)

  • Single Game Stat limitations

    • Pass Yards: 575 Max

    • Rush Yards: 300 Max

    • Receiving Yards: 350 Max

  • Receptions Ratio: Any Receiver cannot have more than 50% of QB completions in a single game. (Ex: 30 Comp, 15 Rec max. 20 Comp, 10 Rec man, etc) *Begins at 5 Receptions



The goal for MSFL is that we are a self-correcting league.  We strive to keep the rules simple and allow for clear in-game adjustments to offset violations.

If an in game violation occurs: DO NOT UNPAUSE (Follow the steps)

  • Notify your opponent of the violation via GroupMe

  • If there is a disagreement on violation, review the YouTube footage

  • If there is further disagreement, tag an admin in GroupMe chat

  • Apply an in-game correction as listed below:

In-game corrections

These are meant to allow self-correction, and offset any violation and avoid post game punishment.

  • On Offense

  1. (Results in first down) = Automatic Punt

  2. (Doesn't Result in first down) = Automatic Loss of down, Kneel 1 Play

  • On Defense: Automatic First

  • On Turnover: Automatic Punt

  • On TD: Must allow opponent a free TD. There is no correction for field position after opponent kickoff.

Post-game consequences:

Violations must be addressed in game. If not fixed, no post game complaint. All complaints are now only for post game violations that can’t be fixed in game (i.e. reception ratio).

  • Strike 1 (4 user game player(s) suspension)

  • Strike 2 (6 user game player(s) and or GM suspension)

  • Strike 3 (Permanent Ban / League removal)

  • No trades allowed for suspended positions.

  • Management reserves the right to refuse league continuance to anyone