MSFL Team Management


Cannot be traded:

•Any players 85 overall and above ***

•Any rookies

•1st Round Picks (can be moved during offseason only)

•1st Round QBs (cant be traded until contract year on rookie deal)

***Players on final year are exempt from overall trade cap


Trade processing:

•Once a trade is posted in forums it becomes final until processed.

•Never trade with CPU, ever.

•Players cannot be traded twice in same season.

• Trades limited to three total Regular Season + Offseason included. Trades reset back to three after draft.


Future Draft Picks:

•Can only be dealt as picks for picks

•Can't be used in consecutive years

•Must have completed 2+ seasons in league



• Never edit name of ANY player. No more name changes.

• ONLY allowed to cut players who are 79 overall & below during season. Any player that is 80 overall & above must not be released until the offseason (re-sign & FA stages)

• NO releasing players at anytime during during playoffs. If want to cut wait until re-sign stage.

Positional moves:

The following positional changes are limited and do NOT require prior approval;

Any OL (T, G, C)

Any DE (LE, RE)

Outside Linebacker (LOLB, ROLB)

Any Defensive Backs (FS/SS, CB)

The following positional changes DO require prior approval;

Inside Linebackers (ILB, OLB)

Pass Rushers (3-4 OLB, 4-3 DE)

  • Player must meet minimum pass rush 80+

  • Explanation

    • Example: Scheme Change moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4, Player is listed at that position in real life, etc.

Interior Dline (3-4 DE, Any DT)

  • Player must meet minimum weight of 280 lbs

  • Explanation

    • Example: Scheme Change moving from a 4-3 to a 3-4, Player is listed at that position in real life, etc.

Following positions are not allowed to be changed what so ever (QB, WR, HB, TE, FB)*

*Any player that has changed position in real life as a permanent change and Madden has recognized it by making the change in a roster update is allowed to change. (i.e. Montgomery WR to HB) Since these are situational make sure to consult admin first.


Depth Chart Requirements:

• Must maintain 53 man roster throughout the regular season at all times.

  • FB position may have TE in 2nd spot

  • TE position may have FB/OL in 3rd spot

  • S position may have CB in 3rd spot

  • Never have a WR in as TE

  • Never have a HB in as FB

Sub Package Depth Chart Requirements:

• RLE & RRE can be either OLB or DE

• RDT can be either DT or DE (DE must weigh at least 280 lbs to fill any DT Spot)

• Sub LBer can be either MLB or OLB

• Slot CB can be CB or S


•During FA period ALL players who are 32 & under must be offered minimally a 2-year deal, even if they are only asking for a one-year contract.

•Never drop a player and then resign to get a smaller contract for any reason.