Coach Wing

  • Outstanding contributions to the MSFL outside of active competition.
  • Distinguished record of competitive achievement at the highest level, with consideration given to integrity, sportsmanship, and character.
  • To be considered an individual must have given to the league significantly in areas outside of just the competitive field (i.e. content, media, innovator, proactive, initiative, administrator, etc.)

player Wing

  • Was the player the best player on his team?
  • Was the player the best player at his position?
  • Was the player the best at a particular skill?
  • Caused other teams to adapt their styles because of him?
  • Was the player good enough that he could continue to play after his prime?
  • Can the history of this year be written without including this player?

Members may nominate any eligible Coach or Player by simply filling out a nomination form to the MSFL Hall of Fame below or at (


* HOF inductee will receive the upcoming release of Madden as a gift. As well as their own MSFL Magazine edition dedicated entirely to their achievements into the HOF.